Decorate your environment with all the comfort and sophistication that Butzke furniture provides.

Timbó Line

Carlos Motta, one of the most important names in Brazilian design, is responsible for the Timbó Line. In these pieces, he expresses his intimate relantioship with is the most simple, pure and essentiel. It contains aspects that are present in all his projects and which are an expression of his personality.
The passion for wood, a widespread knowledge of the art of carpentry and reperct for man and nature are the true reasons that Butzke and Calors Motta developed, together, this range of products.

"Nature is generous, and has offered much to us. But our world is getting tired, exhausted. We have an obligation to reconsider what is important and vital to humans. Propose a basic design objective. Unlink happiness from the material goods."
(Carlos Motta)

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